Friday, March 6, 2009

SiteSeeing: VOGONS

So yesterday, instead of wrapping up Emerald City Confidential like I should have done, I decided to once more plumb the depths of trying to install the famously difficult-to-install-and-play DOS game, RIPPER. It has Christopher Walken, Burgess Meredeth, and Paul Giamatti in it! The last time I tried to install it was in 2000. I gave up then. Yesterday, I remembered why.

However, now there are a lot more resources for people trying to run these very stubborn games. A great site I found is the VOGONS: Very Old Games on New Systems forums. Advice from this site helped me figure out how to get the installer patched and running under DOSbox. I spent the first half of the day attempting a popular VDMSound method that didn't work for me at all. Anyway...after a lot of cursing and frustration I finally did get the installer working and the game installed. Now I have to tweak it to see the interactive bits...but the hard part is over, I think.

Update: RIPPER is up and running full screen with sound. :D Thanks VOGONS!

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